Experience and Types of Work Done

Chris started singing at 14 and has sung with bands and later Solo. Chris then introduced Comedy into the act and has been for the past 15 years one of the best ‘value for money’ Comedy/Vocalists in the business.

He has vast experience in working in a wide range of venues such as Theatres, Hotels, Cruise Ships, Holiday Venues, Sports & Social Clubs, Golf & Other Sporting Clubs and Private Corporate Venues.


Chris has for the past 4 years done holiday seaside Summer Season Shows. He has also much experience working for such prestigious companies as:




Britannia Hotels

Hilton Hotels


Masonic provisional and Grand Lodge


Round Table

In 2005, Chris won the Northern Concert Secs, ‘Comedian of the year’.


Chris has worked all over the Globe and is truly ‘An International Award Winning Artist’

International Comedy Vocalist (Equity Member)